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Brian Goldberg reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

What a great atmosphere, MJ is welcoming and supportive with a dash of humor.
I’m glad I chose here.
It's changed my life !!!!!!!
I encourage Everyone to try it out, that's an order !

Shalondra Kurtzman reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

There for a birthday party with my son. Great instructors! They really know how to work with little ones :)

Den Dutson reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

Master MJ is the best! He is a man of honor and respect and always willing to help those in need. Thank you for providing the very best training a student can get! Highly recommend this school!

Mandii Gillespie reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

I highly recommend taking classes here at CN-EMA! Classes are ran by one of my Instructors, Sensei Manjinder Singh . Sensei is an awesome Instructor, who is highly trained in many styles of Martial Arts such as Traditional Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga; Kids Classes are Jam-packed with fun games, life lessons, and self defense that every kid needs and loves! Like their page for more information if you live in the Colts Neck area!

Jp Dunne reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

This place is just straight up awesome. I am currently taking the Krav classes with Instructor MJ, and its a great time. Not only are the classes a crazy workout, the self defense knowledge is very valuable. The intensity of the classes are hardcore, Its been 3 weeks and ive lost 12 pounds. Would absolutely recommend this place to anybody.

Coleen Griffin reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

I attended the Krav Maga 6 week challenge taught by Omar Ali. I went in to the challenge prepared to play full out. I am an obese woman and was sedentary prior to this challenge. To say I was scared is an understatement. However, Omar and the support of the fellow women I went to class with made this 6 week challenge fly by! Day, by day, week by week, I grew stronger. This class built not only my physical strength, but my emotional strength too. If today you decide that you have had enough and want to improve your life through physical fitness, then this challenge, in this location, with Omar there to guide you, is the best place you could possibly start!!!

Michael Simon reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

A really excellent martial arts academy. MJ and Omar are personable, charismatic, and humble. They walk a perfect line between motivating and encouraging, and are very capable instructors. They are able to really make things easy to learn and tailor each class to the group. No matter how large the class is on any given day, you'll always get personal attention.

Because of a change in location, I've gone to a few other schools since training here last, and I've yet to find somewhere that matches up. They really strike a great balance: each class has a wide range of skill levels but you'll rarely be bored or overwhelmed - and if that should happen, speak up, and it will be quickly remedied; they are positive and encouraging but won't let you off easy; the other students are welcoming; the facilities are extremely clean and well organized; and class is intense but not overwhelming.

You really get the sense that the staff cares about you personally, your goals and your individual progress

Sam Harris reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

I had an amazing experience at Elite Martial Arts. I signed up for the 6 week Krav Maga challenge and today was the last day ( so sad) !! Omar Ali is so nice and such a great trainer and person . He really knows his stuff! Omar motivates you to do your best. I highly recommend EMA . I'll definitely be back !

Jennifer Pudlo D'Ambrosio reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

My 5 year old son started at EMA in the fall of 2015 and his progress has been amazing. He has ADHD and it has been hard to find any sport where he could focus for any period of time and stay interested. When I watch him in the program I often tear up because I can see the focus and determination in his eyes and he Listens! If you have a child with ADHD and you see him listen in a group setting, there is no better feeling. Not only does EMA promote confidence and self discipline but they encourage students to listen to their parents, be kind to others and most importantly to have fun. I cannot say enough good things about all of the staff. They truly care for my son, encourage him and help him when he gets frustrated. This program has been amazing and we look forward to taking our son there several times a week. If you are looking for an activity for your child where they learn about focus, respect and discipline in a fun environment – EMA is where you want them to be!

Elizabeth Joy Sutphin reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

Joining Elite Martial Arts was absolutely the best decision we made for our son Connor. He has improved in school, home, and socially with his peers. The confidence he has gained has been tremendous. EMA of Colts Neck has the best instructors; they are patient, nurturing, firm but fair and truly care about the children. They keep the kids attention, they redirect, and the work hand and hand with the parents on respect, discipline and giving your all. There has not been a time that our son has said that he does not want to go to class, and he has gained some very nice friendships as well......

Jane Baldassano Gibson reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

I was a bit skeptical when I first signed up for the 6 week challenge but then I figured why not give it a try. I am Sooo glad I did!!! I was not as brave as some who attended the 5 am class as I opted for the class at 930 am. Still Every M-W-F I looked forward to the challenge. Omar made every class not only challenging but Fun to do as well. We pushed ourselves as well as shared some tips and ideas on how to keep on track during the weeks ahead. We all sweated together and encouraged each other to Keep Motivated!!! I am actually sad that the 6 weeks is over!!! :((( The class is definitely a MUST if you are not only looking for a challenge but also self defense as well as getting in shape!!! I am Very excited to say that I lost 19 lbs during the 6 weeks challenge!!! Thank you Omar for your guidance!!! Big Thumbs UP From ME!!!! :))))))

Ruba Hisso reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

Amazing school with great instructors, very responsible, professional and organized, best choice for my kids.

Holly Barchyshyn Rohlf reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

After trialing a few other schools that i was not impressed with, we came across Elite when i saw they had a groupon available, and from a recommendation from the office where my son did occupational therapy. The instructors are all kind and engaging with the kids and keep the class fun and high energy to match many of the personalities (like my son) that enter their door. The classes offer a good balance between fun and structure so the kids don't get bored. I was afraid my son would want to quit as it's hard to hold his attention but after a year he is still going! I like that they greet all the kids by name and with a high five and make sure to call them out when they are doing something good in class. Very encouraging and it really makes an instant difference in their posture and demeanor during class when they are feeling good about themselves. Thank you Sensei, Deshi Omar, Joshu Kelsi and Joshu Luke for keeping my son excited about karate!

Joy Toomey Dronne reviewed Elite Martial Arts of Aberdeen, Matawan, & Middletownn
via Facebook

One of our best decision for our son Daniel.. Elite and the entire staff are fantastic and have gone above and beyond to help Daniel reach his goals.... so proud that we did not give up in Dan... this is going to be one of his greatest accomplishment.... it's not the child that gives up it's the parent.... see it thru~ it's all worth it💙💪👍😊 Elite is a great place to bring your child~👍

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Our latest news & thoughts

5 Genius Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try

Why Every Working Mom Feels Short On Time Most Of The Time. Lifehack.org
Working moms struggle with a lack of time more than most people do. From getting the kids ready for daycare or school to making sure they are safe and sound, every waking hour seems to be given to your children. It’s for good reason: they are your pride and joy.
You also have a house to maintain: laundry to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, a kitchen to be maintained, a husband to tend to — everyone and everything demands your attention. It seems that you’re the only one that can maintain calm and order amongst the chaos.
What’s more is that you have a full-time job. No matter what your income stream looks like, it demands your time and attention. From taking care of your boss’s calendar to keeping order in the office, meeting deadlines, and organizing meetings, you are the heartbeat of your organization.
So, how do you get it all done? Well, most working moms don’t all the time. Sometimes, the house stays dirty. Sometimes, the laundry piles up so high it looks like a miniature version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And sometimes, just sometimes, the chaos at work is too much.
Eventually, you start to play catchup with everything that’s befallen you. You might squeeze in an exercise session or two, but when those chaotic days come, you feel like quitting altogether.
Trust me, I get it. Overwhelm can set in and crush your spirit. You can only keep calm and order in your life for so long. And even as you struggle day by day, the temptation to give up your fitness dreams grows and grows.
And yet, some working moms seem to make a huge splash. They make time for exercise. They make time to prep nutritious meals. They make time to clean the house. They make time to do the laundry. They make time for their family. They have more energy. They lose the extra weight. They get fit.
How do these moms get it done? In one word: structure.
These working moms create a structure that puts them in full control of their weight loss goals.
Here’s how you can regain control of your schedule and turn things around.
1. You Must Prioritize Exercise
Ask yourself this question: Is exercise a top priority in my life?
You might think it is because fitness is on your mind daily, but here’s a little secret: a should is totally different than a must. When something is not a priority, you will always make excuses not to do it.
Why should fitness be a priority? Because if you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of your family?
Every day, we’re constantly bombarded with new-and-improved research that shows the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. More energy. Less stress. A body geared for fighting off viruses. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have a sick day here and there, but not as often as you would if you weren’t active or eating healthy.
2. Specify The Reasons That Prompted Your Desire To Change
Here’s the thing about fitness: it will only work if you have the right mindset. You can have all the resources at your disposal, but without a compelling reason to exercise, you are likely to quit.
I’m not talking about having motivation or trying to pump yourself up on days you decide to work out. Motivation will only take you so far. Your reason is what will prevent you from veering off track or quitting altogether.
Your why will always keep you going.
Your why will help you develop discipline. You’ll be able to find the strength to exercise and eat healthy during times when it’s hard to do so.
An effective strategy is to keep a journal where you write your reasons for working out. Remember, your reasons are, well, your reasons. Don’t ever think that your reasons aren’t good enough. As a mother, you are a prime example for your family. Think about the impact on your husband and children when they see the dedication and drive you show for changing yourself.
3. Think Family Fitness
Involve your children in your fitness routine. Why? Because it’s tough to find a babysitter to watch the kids for an hour or so, and just because you can’t find care for your children doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise. There are tons of ways you can include the kids in your fitness routine.
Some moms like to play games with their kids. They’ll race each other or play a game of tag. Invest in a children’s seat for your bike, or if your children are age-appropriate, buy them a bike of their own so they can join you on a bike ride.
Plus, there’s a new wave of what moms are calling “stroller fitness.” A lot of moms are walking or jogging with their kids in their strollers.
Don’t let your babies be an excuse for not exercising. Not only will you be active, but you can even form a strong bond with your kids just by having them around while you work out.
4. Know That Some Days Are Going To Be Easier Than Others
There are going to be days when you’re full of energy and feel like you can do extra. And then there are going to be days where you’re just happy to have put your workout clothes on. No matter what you feel on the difficult days, make sure that you at least try to get some activity in.
You might not be able to get in that full mile or strength train for 30 minutes. That’s fine. Each day is going to present its own unique obstacles. You might be fatigued. The kids might get sick. You might have to put in extra hours at work. Whatever the case, don’t give it the momentum that will make you give up.
Just keep going.
5. Don’t Go At It Alone
Try to find a community that will support you. Fitness and nutrition are more difficult if you have no one to fall back on. The important thing for this tip is to find a community that will 100% have your back. It could be your husband, a close friend, an online community, or another working mom. You can even seek the services of a life coach or fitness trainer.
It’s important that your community understands your goals and desire for working out. Why? Because they are the ones that are going to keep you accountable. You will not achieve your fitness goals if you have a community that accepts every excuse you make. This is why I believe that the services of a life coach are a beneficial investment.
You want someone that will give you the kick in the pants you need to keep going. At the same time, you want someone that will be motivating and uplifting instead of critical and doubtful.
Create your community and you’ll increase your chances of making fitness a habit.
You Can Do This!
Moms, we need you! Not just to be alive, but to be involved and active in our lives. Your husband needs you. Your babies need you. Hell, the entire world needs you.
What would life be like without moms? What would life be like for your children without the warm and caring love of their mom? What would life be like for your husband without your intimate love and support for him and the family?
It is true that if you follow these tips, you will lose weight. But most importantly, if you follow these tips, you will create a mind and body that will give you the energy and strength you need to guide your family through the beautiful journey that is life.
So, when does your fitness routine start?
Many ladies choose martial arts for fitness.  Both traditional martial arts and fitness martial arts provide the flexibility, cardio and strength training needed for a lean, thin athletic look.  The structure,  group support and positive coaching is just what you need to stay active and motivated.